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We know a Cattle Shed customer is a fan of great beer. You’ll certainly have tried many different styles from a number of countries. Finding new beers really excites us, and here’s how you can help shape our future brews.

We are, very simply, looking for suggestions on what we should do after our initial batch of 3 beers. As a small batch brewer we have the opportunity to try things out that the big boys can’t. Whether its something fruity and light, or dark and mysterious, we are open to ideas. If there is a story behind your suggestion, then all the better!

Fill in the form below with your ideas, and if we like it we’ll get back to you to explore it further. If we end up brewing your suggested beer, then there’s a case of it with your name on!


Your Details

Let us know how to get back to you.

Your Suggestion

Tell us what you think we should brew next. Beer style, influence, name, whatever you think will make a stonking Cattle Shed brew.

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